Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roatan, Honduras

Foot prints in the sand ! and Tim's shadow.
View to the side of the boat as we wait to get off at Mahogany Bay, Roatan.

The long walk from the boat to the Mall shopping area. To the right is a ski lift chairs that takes us over the valley to the beach.

looking down at the mall area

I see the beach !

a rusty sunken boat to the left of where our boat is parked... along with a small house up the hill.

I like this house with the round door door ways on the porch, it also has a smaller house down the lane.. and the grassy area winds its way to the bay.. neat !

a bit farther along the shore line is a junk yard for old boats. One was near sunk with the roof collapsed, another burnt up.

crazy people !

....looking down from the ski lift ride to the trail.

....over the canal and a shack

.... an old time schooner sailing into port....... neat !

MY view at the beach
The sun was HOT, the sand was comfy..

....................... sip a cold one and watch the world go by. soak it up...

Pam & Don playing in the water

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