Thursday, February 17, 2011


After leaving New Orleans and sailing all night our first port was Cozumel.
Here you see ~ Margaritaville!~ and bit of shore line from the ship.

The central mall had many fancy jewelry stores sponsored by the cruise line people. Scattered among those a few locals were mixed in. The salesmen are very hard core hard sell, darn near drag you from the path way to make a sale !

We both admired this sculpture of a coyote in the museum. If you enlarge it and look at the detailed painting it has possible quilt designs.

Our adventure while in Cozumel was to go to a Tequila Seminar. We were taken there by a small taxi. The business was located a couple miles form the central mall with some rural sites tossed in. We were given a lecture on the Mayan culture and talks of the ruins and how our calender was developed. All while walking a lovely trail of flowers . ( We had dug the truck out of a 3 ft snow drift two days before)
The Tequila Seminar was in a small air conditioned room with 3 pretty shot glasses of the different grades of booze. Its qualities developing like a whiskey ~ aged~. Our vision of Tequila with the lil wormy was not what was featured here ! I don't know what all that was said about it - a very accented speaker. We tasted several some were even fruity to ice cream syrup flavored. They also did a talk about six varieties of hot peppers and their salsa form.......... ONE was edible.

This small local vendor was located across the street from our dock.

A view of the mall. Our ramp leads directly to this.

Pausing to look at the shore line on our long walk back to the ship.
Cozumel blue waters, looking down off the side of the ramp.

A very old 'oriental' looking boat sailing past us. ( I'm sure there is a name for it)

Waiting to set sail again. You can see the very long dock/ramp behind me.

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