Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Land ho ! after cruisin all nite from Cozumel we see the coast line of Belize.

Today, we are off to an island 45 min away for a beach day. This is how we got there ! a 45 min ride in a tin boat !. they open the hatch and you hop from your nice Big cruisin ship onto a small bobbin on the waves boat.

~~ and a way we go ~~~

maybe 20 people sit along the sides of this boat.

and the view as we pull away from our nice Big Safe Ship.... with the waves lapping at the sides of our tin boat !

. and then this other boat come zoooming up to us.... guess it was the coast guard for this country. telling us to put life jackets on.... I was wondereing where they were !!!

Thats our nice Big Safe Ship way back there >>>

... and then we see land, a bunch of grass shacks in a row.. among the debris...

Bannister Island is our beach for the day.

3 of the shacks were usable, several others were roped off damaged yet from a prior storm.

This pretty bird was sitting on the fence near the outhouses.

The beach here in Belize was mostly broken sea shells, like shale. You definitely needed shoes both in and out of the water!

We had a fun morning of wading in the water and finding sea shells.

The water was still a bit cool.

On the other side of the island they had a place to try kayaks.
Tim had done this many years ago and tryd it again. Way out in the bay he capsized ! He Tells me it was on purpose to see if he could manage to right the boat and hop in again.. I watched and he had some help out there, but obviously he did come back ..

...... savoring a cold one in the hammock

....... Our view !

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