Wednesday, February 16, 2011


the long dock we walked to get from the big boat to the 'mall'.

The shore was almost cluncky cement like rocks with the waves beating against it. This is the view from our dock.

At the central area is a mall of both fancy shops and locals clustered in the middle with their wares of pottery, scarves,& baskets. This was our last port, Tim did lil shopping.

The other side of the dock and shore line as we walked back to the boat.

We had a catamaran boat ride with snorkeling this morning. We took a bus from the mall area to a diff dock. The following are the views from the bus as we traveled one block behind the fancy mall area. This was a bit of an education for us.

They had a hurricane 3 years prior.

Tim all dolled up for his snorkel swim with the fishies.

MY view ! off the back end of the catamaran

Off they went like lil ducks in a row !

I watched from a sun shiney spot.

Tim coming back up the gang plank after his swim.

The guys gathered in the middle of the boat at the bar for beer n sodas.

Tim tooting on the sea shell horn.

The ride back to the boat..

while floating along the beach area, many shacks were there some used some still destroyed beyond use, we saw a Holiday Rambler RV on the beach. Looked like a nice spot till you looked lil closer...

more views from the bus ride thru town...

Costa Maya was our last port. We then had a day at sea to take us back to New Orleans. The sea and boat had a fair amount of motion on the way back !!.. The color here was an Inky blue. You can see some whites in the waves.
The pool on board was even rolling its own waves from side to side withthe ship. crazy !
Last stop the New Orleans port with bag checks and custom checks and a taxi to the airport.. We wore coats again !
Thanks to Shell for picking us up and taking care of my spoiled Diva. xox

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