Wednesday, December 30, 2015

playing catch up!! Trips in 2014

The blog has been  quiet for too long !!
 I'm on a mission to remedy that.

Lets go back in time a bit to 2014 and see what I can find for pictures and  memories.

we got tired of painting the house and having a blizzard every week and  during a thaw packed up and headed south to Memphis Tom Sawyer RV park to find spring ! and we did .. 70  80 sun shiny days.

 we parked near the river, and watched the barges and tug boats. waving to the people on board. this is nice park , clean and relaxing.


We also did a trip to Davenport Ia in mid May.

 This park was near the interstate. It had a pool.

While in that are we did the nice park  up down with pretty green house and pond.

 WE also spent a week in June near Chicago at a Fox lake park that was crazy crowded. While there we had  big winds and sirens,, drama....
 the people in the tent were not there at the time....
  After that trip it was County Fair time. We stayed at local park in Rockwell IA near the stream there.  Nancy came and spent  the day. Rockwell does a great fireworks display we enjoyed that!

 Two weeks later found us at another fair, another park Beeds Lake in Hampton Ia

From there we  made the decision to go  SOUTH ! and a quick phone call for reservation had us set up for 7 months in  Mission Tx.  We left  Sept 29.. got back mid April.