Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April has been busy !

We got the camper filled to the brim. In early April we camped out near KC and shopped with Shell, Lin and Lisa. For a first outing it went well even puppies liked it !

With all our business We got the garden put in.

Tim found a smoker and we tried that at home during a rainy day.. my house smelled wonderful..... ; }

We also spent 4 very rainy days in the camper in the drive way !. mostly to see if we could DO IT. here's Tim soaking up some sun right before the sky changed and we had a tornado siren.... Exciting. w went indoors to watch radars and have supper.. then back out. Tim thought the house made for a very deluxe 'bathhouse'

My pretty camper is no longer show room... it now has the 'LivedIn' look.

We have spent a few hours removing the Dealers sticky paper off the floors too. It needs several rounds of solvent cleaner to get the fly paper like residue off....... yuk !

WE had planed to go to very nice campground near the river and Osage beach. but rivers are bit scary yet. We also canceled an outing to Paducah due to the weather...We'll keep our eyes on the news.

The Allegro company has a slogan of ''' roughing it smoothly'' I kinda like that !!