Friday, June 24, 2011

June at the river

We did a first local outing to the Osage River. WE took the whole family. and they had a pretty good time. We had TheDiva in a playpen so she could be near but not tangled in a rope. It worked pretty good as long as we were close by, she even took a nap after checking out the park. But as the Diva'Deville she found that she could Jump up and ramp off the top edge and manage to get OUT if the supper was good or Tim took a walk !

Cracker liked the more restful view of the river...

So did Tim ....

We did the whole nine yards with table, playpen, grill, and pretty lights !

We had a great time at the River View park 'roughing it smoothly' with cable tv, net, pool, hot showers, full hook ups.