Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tis the season ~~~~ ( evil Cackle Loll)

LOLL ~~ would you notice these as you passed in the car???

. can you hear me cackle ???

Happy Halloween ! xololl

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Bike Ride

Join us for a local bike ride, thru middle MO. ..
(( all pics will enlarge with an extra click))

Down the street we go...

I'm holding the camera while riding back there, lets hope Tim doesn't do any fancy maneuvers..... oh yes and I still tend to hold the( digital) camera up to my eye, this ain't gonna work today !

. ..on a bicycle built for Two............

The small pretty rest area just down the road from us..

... lovely colors off yonder...

limestone bluffs here n there..........

O' beautiful for spacious skys for amber waves of grain.........

I wonder what the other drivers think as they pass me holding the camera clicking at them and everything else........ crazy woman.. or ooo she is catching the colors?

......click !.

...patchwork of color of the rolling hills in the distance

We stopped at Sonic for B'fast after a few errands.... my driver..

... and the back seat driver...............
We have our leathers on as the day started at 54* but was 78* by the time we arrived back home...

..... spacious skys......... click !

This happens to be the view thru my face shield, a lil bit of glare.,.. no bug stuff today........ ; } ( yes I stuffed the camera up under the shield going 60 mph) ( just for you )

. ..the return trip home... just as pretty !

I like haybales and cows,,, I twisted quickly and took this over my shoulder, the wind caught my hand, tis a bit blurry..

.. a historical building near a pond

.. party line !.. ChitChat...

. and the rear view...........

.. few curvey roads.....

....a fancy horse barn along the way, I think they have lamas too...

. a blurry red bush a we take the exit back to town.......

. home again !. Did you have a nice ride??? Do you feel like getting the crayons out and doing a leaf rub.... FYI.. I bought a brand new box of colors just to DO that !...... ~~ enjoy ~~~

............ and the welcome waggin is glad to see us home !

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tims Montana Trip

The obligatory photo out the plane window. It seems every trip on an airline needs at least one of these. The dark splotch, center left, is The Great Salt Lake.

These next two are as I was boarding the flight to Great Falls. There is a double rainbow. Better seen in the next shot

Not knowing the layout of the city in respect to my viewpoint, I said 'wouldn't it be freaky if they touched down in Temple square'. When I got home and looked at a map... it didn't miss by a whole lot! ! !

Charlie, (2 years younger) met me at the gate and after collecting my rental,we stopped at Denny's. I, for one had not eaten much since I left Ashland, MO and here is was pushing 11PM. We finally got to my motel about 1:30AM and Of Course, my reservation had lapsed. The associate on duty scrabbled and got me something for the night but said I might have to switch rooms once or twice to complete my stay. Luckily, (and with more finagling) he was able to let me keep the same room.

This is the ECONOMY car I was given, a 2011 Toyota Sienna. Very Nice Vehicle! ! !
Take note of the red object at my bumper, anyone guess what it is? I might tell at the end of this blog.
Great Falls MT is about an hour and a half north of Helena on I15. The place is swamped in "Lewis and Clarke" history. It got it's name because the Missouri river has about 9 waterfalls grouped here and L&C had to make an eighteen mile portage to get around them

These next 7 are from a small museum on Malstrom AFB. that we visited my first day there. The base started out as a Strategic Air Command facility but got switched to a Minuteman ICBM support base, they assembled, tested and installed in silos, our fleet of missiles.

the standing piece is about six feet tall by three wide and two deep. The 'chip' is 3/4" long by 3/8" wide ! ! ! !

This building was three football fields big and the floor space was taken up by the standing "magnetic core memory"

My second day, I asked Charlie if there was an attraction that he always wanted to see but never seemed to get the time. He suggested "Havre Beneath the Streets" in Havre, MT about two hours drive north. (See the link below)