Friday, October 7, 2011

Tim in Montana

My second day, I asked Charlie if there was an attraction that he always wanted to see but never seemed to get the time. He suggested "Havre Beneath the Streets" in Havre, MT about two hours drive north. The story told by the Tour Guide is that a fire destroyed the street level shops in about a four block area and rather than shut down and lose business, most of them moved down to their respective basements and carried on.
(See the link below)

These two are the Dry Goods store

The dentists office.. This picture does not show his "traveling office". That one; chair, drill and stand all folded up into a 4'x1'x1' box.. and the drill was treadle operated.

The 'security system' at the saloon...

the saloon,,,,,

the bordello -------

and it's Madam .............

The lounge where the "ladies" met their "gentlemen"

two of the blacksmiths,,,,,,,,,,,

two of the butcher shop.........

Two of 'Shorty' Young's office,,, the local "Godfather". If there was anything sneaky, shady, underhanded, or down right criminal..... 'Shorty' said to have a hand in it...

The Apothecary

The still that supplied the saloon..

A Mexican Restaurant........

Barber shop

and Funereal parlor

Karyl asked me to check out a quilt shop while I was there,,, I actually drug Charlie through three.. One in Great Falls, one in Havre and one in between.

My last night, we ate in, a bachelors feast, mac-n-cheese and hot dogs while we watched "Avatar"
the next morning, I had a 'barista' take one last shot of the two of us.
then, Fly-away HOME

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