Thursday, February 17, 2011

~ Bonvoyage !!

Standing with Tim's brother Don and Pam on the top deck railing with all the radars and equipment. The wind was very cold ! I left our hats & mittens at home ! The ship horn sounding and the motors chugging to turn the boat on its journey down river to the sea.

... going under a big bridge over the river in New Orleans.
~and we are off ~

My Titanic moment with the wind in my hair !

Home Land Security doing their thing. (notice the machine gun.... hmm)

The inside room has a picture instead of a window. Two single beds are squished together to make a double bed.. a bunk can fold down and a chair fold out for two more people in the room. Yikes !

New Orleans shore line as we chug down the river.

a fancy old church that I'm sure has a name and history.....?

Our travel mates : Pam and Don. Tim's brother.

Pam's cousin and wife, Dan & Jackie

Pam's brother & wife, Larry & Janet

Pam's sister and hubby, Vanessa & Pogo

The Bow of the ship pointed down river........
~~ and away we go ~~~

Calling Shell on a cute antique phone in the hall way. Later found out it was a working phone connected to control center for the staff... oops

Later that night we spotted another ship out there all lit up.. click enlarge it.
We sailed all night... next stop Our first port,Cozumel.

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